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Living on the Gold Coast I’m sure you can agree that Air Conditioning in your vehicle is a necessity! Here at Fleet Tec Automotive we are a fully Licenced Air Conditioning service centre located in Southport on the Gold Coast with years of experience in the Automotive field and in particular Automotive Air Conditioning.

We can cater to all of your Air Conditioning needs, from regular Air Conditioning services and maintenance to Leak detection and System Overhauls. By combining our Trained and Certified Staff and specialist equipment, we can guarantee to keep your Air conditioning working as efficiently as possible all year round! If you are unsure if your Air Conditioner is working the way it should, Come in and see us and we can quickly inspect your System while you wait and advise you on the best plan of action to get your Air Conditioner back in its original condition.

Majority of people when getting their Vehicles serviced forget that their Air Conditioning System also does require attention to help it stay in top condition. Some of the component that require attention are things such as your –

  • Cabin Filter – This Filter is in most cases located inside of the Vehicle and its main purpose is to filter the air that is being drawn into the vehicle. Over time this filter will become blocked with Dirt, Dust and also a lot of bacteria that can be harmful to occupants inside of the vehicle. This Filter Should be cleaned yearly or replaced following the manufacturers Specifications.
  • Condenser – The Condenser is responsible for cooling the Refrigerant off as it runs throughout the System. For this reason the condenser is mounted at the front of the vehicle in order to gain the maximum amount of airflow. If the cooling fins on the Condenser become blocked, this will result in poor cooling of the refrigerant and as a result, a higher overall temperature of your Air Conditioner. When serviced this should be inspected and cleaned out to remove any blockages in the cooling fins.
  • Compressor - Your compressor does exactly what the names suggests, it compresses the refrigerant in the system and then forces the refrigerant into the condenser to go through the cooling process. This is actually the main component in the Air Conditioning System. When Inspecting the System we test to ensure the Clutch on the Compressor is pulling in to activate the Compressor.
  • Lines and Fittings – Because all of these Components are spread throughout your car, There are high and low pressure lines that run throughout your engine bay to carry the refrigerant to each component. Over time the Crimped Fittings lose tension which is when a leak may occur. It is important that the Lines are inspected for overall condition and also traces of possible leaks.

The most common misconception in regards to your car's air conditioner is that your air conditioning system will need to be topped up from time to time as your vehicle ages, but this is not the case. All Air Conditioners are a complete, sealed system with Refrigerant flowing throughout the system under constant pressure. If there is a leak present obviously the pressure in the system will be lower than specified by the manufacturer and this is something we can determine while you wait.

If there is a leak in the system it is extremely important that it is repaired as soon as possible, not only to keep your Air Conditioner in top shape, but also as the refrigerant used is quite harmful to the Atmosphere and is known to cause damage to the O-Zone Layer. Once the leak has been located and repaired the system will be vacuumed down to remove any contaminates in the system and then recharged with new oil and florescent dye to ensure if any further leaks occur in the future they will be easily located to save you time and money!