Fleet Maintenance

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Fleet Tec Automotive is set up to deal with all different sizes of companies big and small, and with over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry we have proven to be an integral part of any company’s fleet management program. By providing a personalised service plan that offers our customer’s a cost effective and specialised approach taking into account all of the client’s needs and demands. Whether you need your vehicles to be picked up and dropped off or even down to the vehicle been cleaned with every service, there is nothing that we can’t do to help ensure peace of mind motoring and keep your business on the road!

Certified Auto Fleet Repairs

As well as providing Fleet Servicing to many different companies of various sizes, We are also certified providers for many different Fleet Service Providers. Some of the main Fleet Providers that we service are Maxxia, Fleet Card, Q Fleet, Fleet Partners and many more. If you are with another company and would like us to service your vehicle, Don’t hesitate to call us today on 07 5531 3882 to ensure we can Service your vehicle and provide you with an enjoyable service experience.

What our Auto Fleet Servicing offers your company

Fleet Tec Automotive’s Fleet Service options are limitless, By customising an individual maintenance program to accommodate for all of the individuals needs such as time, organisational issues, logistics, personnel, travel and even down time all need to be taken into account when personalising a Fleet Service plan that is guaranteed to be the most effective and beneficial option for the Client.

We all know that in any business time is a precious thing, and majority of people just don’t have the time to organise for the vehicles to be serviced as they are just too busy. This is where we can step in, By offering a pick up and drop off service we are able to eliminate the stress of making time to get your vehicle service. One of our Friendly team can pick your vehicle up from your worksite or office and deliver it back the same day to make servicing your vehicle as easy as possible. Alternatively if you wanted to drop your vehicle to us, we then are more then happy to either drop you to your place of work if its near by or to the nearest convenient station of public transport.

When trying to organise a service for your vehicle we also know it can be quite tricky to schedule a time that will work as we know that unexpected things can happen and easily change the path of your day. As part of our Fleet Service Packages, We will fully customise a service schedule to suit your vehicles service needs and most importantly your business’s needs. Whether its 6 monthly or 12 monthly servicing we will customise a data base of your company’s vehicles and record all of the service history that is performed over time. As well as doing this we also offer a reminder service where we can either call, email or send a text message to notify you that your vehicle is approaching its scheduled service and organise a convenient time to service your vehicle.

In some smaller businesses we know it’s important to have all staff members at work for the entire day to ensure your business is as effective and profitable as possible. At Fleet Tec Automotive we know this is an important factor in business and we believe that by outsourcing the appropriate people for the job such as vehicle pick up and servicing, you can potentially reduce overall costs due to lost time and ensure that you are equipped with a full work force.

Finally, one of the most important things we have found is essential to ensure a long and lasting business partnership is communication. When customising your Fleet Service Package we also will set a limit in regards to overall cost authorised by your company, therefore if your vehicle requires anything out of the ordinary that will exceed this authorised limit, we will contact you notifying you of what is required and also to seek approval to carry out the extra work. By doing this simple thing we are helping to reduce any unknown costs to the customer. Old fashion service and direct individual communication is more essential in today’s society when it seems everyone has a scheme, new incentive, “free offers” and supposedly cheap deals to entice customers. Constant communication with the client is the key to minimising all unnecessary time loss, cost and also a long and lasting business relationship.


Here at Fleet Tec we can cater to all your Fleet Needs, whether it is a small fleet of 2 to a large fleet of 100, we can provide a specialised service to suit your every need. We also service several Fleet Providers, If you would like to know any more about our Fleet Services that we provide don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 55313882.