LPG Conversion

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Fleet Tec Automotive operate a professional and cost effective installation service to enable automobiles to run on LPG. With 30 years of experience in the LPG industry, all LPG Gas Conversions are carried out in our modern workshop. LPG installation to automobiles is a growing industry with our company rapidly growing and playing an important part in it.  

Why Convert?


The following is a summary of the most important factors one should take into account when considering LPG Gas Conversions:

  • Rising fuel prices - the government is committed to raising the price of petrol and diesel fuels above the rate of inflation. Unless you run it on LPG, your car is swiftly becoming an expensive commodity...
  • Substantial technology improvements have resulted in an easy, safe and very effective system. The LPG systems are managed by an onboard computer control system. This constantly monitors the engine (and communicates with the car's onboard electronic control system if you have one), and adjusts the LPG fuel system accordingly. The result is a very efficient and high performance system at excellent prices. Unlike diesel, performance with LPG is almost identical to petrol.
  • Advanced dual-fuel systems now work alongside your existing petrol system. All your existing fuel system is left in the converted vehicle, and the LPG system is added. The two fuel supplies are then quickly and easily controlled from a small switch on your dash board. If you ever want to switch fuels, just press the button, and the action is completed in seconds. 

Our LPG systems are Dual Fuel

Once your LPG Gas Conversion is complete, you will not have to be reliant on any single fuel, you can have a your other fuel tank still, and an LPG tank with the engine running on either. Changing from one fuel to the other is simple, you can change from one fuel to the other at the flick of a switch.

Driving on LPG

Drive on as normal! Unlike diesel, there is no warming up session, nor need to adapt your driving style. The engine is started with a minute amount of petrol, and typically switches to gas in about 1-2 seconds.  Performance is practically unaltered - at high revs there is a very small reduction in performance, and the car will be slightly heavier because of the extra fuel tank. However, if a driver didn't know that the car ran on gas they would never realise it.

Why Use LPG

Vehicles that undergo LPG Gas Conversions attract a number of benefits:

  • Economical - LPG costs as little as $0.70 per Litre (compare with $1.50 and rising for petrol) and yet the mileage travelled per litre with LPG is typically over 95% that of petrol. The result? Your car's running costs are cut by over 55%! 
  • Environmentally friendly - cars running on LPG produce much less carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and other emissions. 
  • Good for engines - LPG contains fewer non-combustible components than petrol. Everything that goes into the engine goes out as exhaust gases, without leaving any efficiency damaging residue. By using LPG, acid and carbon deposits are reduced, extending the life of your engine. 
  • Good security - it is very difficult to steal fuel from a LPG system, so users of LPG are virtually immune to the increasing trend of petrol fuel siphoning. 

LP Gas is safe and environmentally friendly 

Combustion of LPG results in less, and in some cases, none, of the following harmful emissions
LPG also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

On average, a vehicle that has undergone an LPG Gas Conversion will emit 15% less carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) than a Petrol engine. Because it uses a sealed system, LPG also reduces evaporative emissions of hydrocarbons to virtually zero - not only from the vehicle's cylinder but also during re-fuelling, transport and handling of the fuel.

Which System?

When opting for LPG Gas Conversions, there are basically two types of LPG systems available on the market today.  The ‘vacuum induction’ system that has been around for decades and ‘sequential gas injection’ system.  Both systems are very refined and either system depend on the type of vehicle and year model. There are many different branded systems available in Australia and worldwide.  Fleet Tec Automotive installs exclusively Sprint Gas ‘OMVL’ systems because of the quality of the product and worldwide acceptance of its enduring performance and quality.



Sequential gas injection system

DREAM XXI N is the latest gas injection system designed and developed by OMVL.

It can be installed on all fuel injected vehicles powered by LPG or CNG. The system is fully homologated in compliance with the latest safety standards for gas fuel system (67R01 and R110) and keeps emissions well within the limits established by the strictest standards (EURO4).


DREAM XXI N is an advanced injection system, designed for use with the latest petrol driven cars.

Gas is injected into the intake manifold ducts in the right sequence and at the right time.

The pressure stability of the regulator together with sophisticated electronic carburation control, guarantees a fast response of the system to quick power demands. DREAM XXI N also optimises consumption and performance.

DREAM XXI N ensures excellent vehicle performances when running with gas, without affecting in any way car performances with petrol. DREAM XXI's electronic control unit integrates perfectly with original cars ECU, leaving original engine set-up parameters unchanged. This allows a switch back to petrol at any time without loss of performances.