LPG Servicing & Maintenance

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Apart from your usual servicing requirements for your car's engine and other mechanical parts that are the same as any car running on standard petrol, motor vehicles fuelled by LPG systems are required to some additional compliance and safety requirements.

Auto Gas Service

Normal servicing is unaffected by the conversion however in Queensland there are strict controls on the quality of installations, only licensed LPG installers may work on LPG systems this includes regular maintenance and servicing. Auto gas service is an area in which Fleet Tec is able to assist you as we are a fully licensed LPG installers having worked with LPG fuelled vehicles since they were first introduced into Queensland.

If the vehicle was converted after 1 February 1993, an approved AS1425 LPG compliance plate must be fitted to the vehicle at the time of the conversion/installation. Vehicles fitted with LPG systems are required to have red LPG stickers attached to the vehicle's number plates. As of 1999, the sticker advertising running on LPG must now be mounted on a diamond metal plate, and then this must be pop-riveted onto the number plate itself.

Further to these requirements, all LPG motor vehicle storage tanks must comply with the Australian Standards AS 3509 and AS 1425 which require all such tanks to be inspected and tested every 10 years. If you are unsure of when your LPG storage tank was last inspected then why not drop in and we will be able to quickly tell you if an inspection and test is required. This is all part and parcel of the AS/NZS 1425 standard and maintaining the roadworthy on the vehicle. Use of a damaged or old cylinder is not only illegal it can be potentially fatal, apart from that driving around with an out of Date LPG cylinder makes your vehicle Unroadworthy.