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We cater for all your Gold Coast car and log book service needs

Fleet Tec Automotive services all Gold Coast vehicles in accordance with the manufacturers recommended log book service intervals. We have companies with over 30 vehicles whereby we implement a log book service schedule to suit their requirements including a full maintenance program that is geared to remind the customer when the next service is due. In addition to car servicing, we are fully accustomed and equipped to handle all manner of vehicle repairs - from the intricate, to the monumental. The following is an overview of the log book services we offer on the Gold Coast:

Log Book Service

  • Replace Engine Oil & Oil Filter
  • Replace Brake Fluid & Power Steering Fluid  
  • Inspect Cooling System for Conditioning
  • Check for water leaks
  • Check all drive belts
  • Check battery electrolyte level
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Inspect fluid levels incl. transmission & diff
  • Inspect brake & handbrake operation
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check all tyres & tyre pressures
  • Check steering & suspension
  • Check all lights, windscreen wipers/washers
  • Lubricate door locks & hinges & window slides
  • Rotate tyres
  • Issue Safety Certificates for LPG & Petrol vehicles

If you have a new car then you’re probably paying too much for your car service at the dealership.  If you're concerned about your new car's statutory warranty, please read on. Gold Coast Dealerships do not have the monopoly on ‘Log Book’ servicing. 

  • Any new car can be serviced at Fleet Tec Automotive according to the dealers requirements and not void any warranty requirements and conditions


Fleet Tec Automotive has the expertise and experience to perform all mechanical repairs needed to keep your vehicle running flawlessly.  We possess a team of highly skilled, trade qualified technicians, all capable of performing the most arduous and complicated repairs to the utmost standard. This includes:

  • suspensions
  • gearboxes
  • clutch replacement/repairs
  • wheel alignment
  • disc and flywheel machining
  • air conditioning
  • engine replacement and/or rebuilds


  • exhaust systems
  • shock absorbers
  • injection servicing
  • cooling systems
  • power steering
  • brake repairs


In fact, at Fleet Tec Automotive, we repair everything between the front and rear numbers plates!

Additional Services

Fleet Tec Automotive offers a lot more than just car servicing and repairs. We're also a leading provider of the latest and most advanced LPG Gas Conversion systems. Vehicles running on our Dual Fuel LPG systems are cheaper to run and emit far less Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere than their Petrol engine counterparts. Visit our LPG Gas Conversions page to find out more.


Have any queries or concerns regarding a car service or log book service that you'd like answered? Simply visit our Contact page and a friendly member of our Gold Coast staff will get in touch with you shortly.